I like to watch him sleep chapter 5

Chapter 5 Naruto’s pov

Naruto woke up with a start and he immediately felt a blush starting on his cheeks. He was aroused. Aroused and thinking of Sasuke. That had been happening a lot lately.

He had always thought about Sasuke a lot. About how to beat him, how to get him to return home, how to get him to stay… But this was different. It was bad enough that he was afraid to touch him because he feared getting rejected. Waking up after dreaming that he was being touched by Sasuke was embarrassing. The last thing he needed was for someone to notice the hardness of his body and make a comment about it. He would soooo never live that down.

He could hear it now, Sai saying “Hello dickless, or should I say not so dickless.” And his dick problem was the last thing he wanted to think about.

Leaving the tent Naruto nodded to Sai as he made his way out of camp. Taking to the trees, he positioned himself in a place where he had a clear view of the camp as well as the surrounding area. He wasn’t even sure why keeping watch was so important. They were in a safe area, just traveling on a diplomatic mission. But Sasuke had insisted that it made sense to stay vigilant no matter where they were camped. Evidently old habits of never letting down his guard made it impossible for Sasuke to relax without someone on guard.

It was hard to concentrate though. Thoughts of Sasuke were much more interesting than looking at the trees in the dark to see whether any of them might be an enemy waiting to kill them in their sleep.

Naruto sighed deeply. Would Sasuke ever relax enough to feel safe? Naruto gave a snort to himself. Who am I trying to kid, what would really be nice is if Sasuke wouldn’t always volunteer to take first watch. It’s been forever since I’ve been able to watch him in his sleep.

Thoughts of Sasuke seemed to be taking over both his waking and sleeping thoughts. Trying to figure out why Sasuke always appeared to be looking at him and trying to figure out just what those looks meant was slowing driving Naruto crazy. Add to that the fact that his dreams were becoming more sensual and intense. He was slowing becoming so frustrated that his thoughts were filled with him imagining what it would be like to be with Sasuke.

His skin, his lips, his hands, the weight of his body… just thinking about all of those things caused a shiver to travel throughout Naruto’s body. It had become a craving… a craving to touch Sasuke skin to skin.

Naruto pressed his hands against the bark of the tree, enjoying the feel of the rough pattern against his palms. His thumb slowly began to trace along the ridges of the bark as he thought of another ridge he would like to trace. Chuckling to himself Naruto smiled ruefully. Even touching a tree led him to think about Sasuke’s body and how much he wanted to touch it. It felt like he was waiting for the right moment.

Waiting, yeah he’d always been waiting for Sasuke. Waiting for him to notice him, waiting for him to take him seriously as a rival, waiting to beat him, waiting for him to return, waiting for him to leave again…

Thinking back on his interactions with Sasuke over the years, Naruto suddenly felt like hitting his head against the tree he was sitting on. Waiting? What the hell? When had waiting ever been his strong point? He hadn’t waited for Sasuke to notice him… his young idiotic self had demanded to be noticed. And no way had he waited for Sasuke to take him seriously… he had always tried his damnedest to beat him in their training days. And waiting for his return? Everyone had gotten thoroughly sick of him never giving up trying to drag Sasuke back to Konoha.

Waiting… what the hell had he been thinking? Jumping down from the tree Naruto began to head back into camp just as the night started to lose some of its darkness. The time for thinking and waiting was over.

I like to watch him sleep chapter 3

Chapter 3 Naruto’s POV

I’m starting to get used to having Sasuke back in Konoha. And I’m actually starting to get used to spending time together. At first I was startled every time I would see him in town. Like I should grab him so he couldn’t escape. I guess I spent so many years searching for him that it’s a hard habit to break.

I’ve noticed something else too. He looks at me a lot. He used to avoid my gaze. Now it seems like he is always trying to catch my eye. I just wish I knew what he was thinking. I’ve waited for so long to have him look at me but now I don’t know what it means. Is he wondering why I’m always hanging around him? Is he wondering what ever made us become friends? Maybe he’s just trying to figure out why I seem to be looking at him so often myself.

I feel unsettled and confused. I don’t want to think about it anymore. I just want to be close. Close enough to touch… close enough to hold… close enough to feel every breath that leaves his lips.

Ah…his lips. I love to watch his mouth. I like the careful way he forms his words. I like the smiles that come so infrequently. I like the smirks that I now seldom get to see. I can’t figure out why he doesn’t seem to smirk very often anymore. When we were young his smirks were about the only expression he seemed to have around me.

Careful… it’s like he’s being too careful. I don’t want careful. I want his emotions. Anger, contentment, competitiveness… whatever wants to come out would be fine with me. I feel like pushing him. Pushing him to react. Now that he’s finally looking at me, I want him to do something. He has to do something because I can’t.

If I did what I wanted to do… I’m afraid he would leave again. I’m always the one to act. I’m always the one to charge right in and think about the consequences later. But I can’t this time. The risk is too great. And the loss would be more than I could handle.

I want him to do something to change this stalemate we seem to be in. I need him to do something. Anything. It can’t stay like this.

I like to watch him sleep chapter 2

Chapter 2 Sasuke’s POV

Dark eyes snap open. They immediately focus on the body lying next to him. The sharp gaze misses nothing. The body beside him has finally settled. His breathing has finally deepened into true sleep. He has finally stopped watching.

The dark gaze looks over the features of the blond lying next to him. The features have changed from when they were young. The blond is no longer a child. His face has become more mature. But he still retains that innocence. His face still shows that optimism that everything will work out. Like it had never seen death. Like it had never seen violence. Like it had never seen despair.

The dark gaze hardened into a frown. Except when he looks at me.

When awake, his eyes are full of his experiences. When he looks at me its like he can see everything. Every doubt I have ever had. Every fear that has kept me awake. Every hurt I have tried to bury.

He knows everything because he has felt the same. His doubts, his fears, his hurts… they are so close to my own. Doubt that he will be worthy enough. Doubt that he will ever achieve his goals. Fear that no-one can truly care about him. Fear that who he is will always color every opinion others have of him. Hurt that others do not see who he really is. Hurt that he has always had to take care of himself. But mostly fear. Fear that he will always be alone.

I feel my body start to relax as I look at him. The blond spikes across the pillow look like they have a life of their own. The gently pursed mouth looks as if it wants to tell me something. The curved hand looks as if it wants to hold something. Fancies from my own mind.

This is my favorite time of the day. When all is quiet and no one is expecting anything from me. When I am alone with my thoughts and can let them wander where they may. When I can finally focus on my true wants and desires.

When I can finally watch him sleep.

I love to watch him sleep. After picturing him in my mind for so long… to know that he is right here in front of me is amazing. I love the wild riot of blond that won’t be tamed. I love the bright blue that watches me when he thinks I’m not looking. I love the body that when awake cannot remain still. Even in sleep it tends to move with a will of its own. Energy… he always has so much energy and I love when it is focused on me.

I love how he never gave up on me. I love how he always seeks me out. I love how he sees me.

And I love how he doesn’t see me. When he looks at me its like he can see nothing. Everything I have done, every evil I have committed, every hateful thought I have ever had. He sees none of them. None of these things matter to him… because I matter to him.

I reach out and gently stroke one finger down his cheek. My fingers slowly sift through the blond strands of his hair. I have discovered that he doesn’t wake easily when he is with me. He sleeps deeply. At first I wondered about this. With the danger we often face, sleeping deeply is not something we should ever get used to doing. But after watching and observing, I found out that he only sleeps like this when he is alone with me. I like to think it’s because he feels safe. I think that subconsciously he knows I will protect him and he can trust me to take care of him.

I just wish he knew that when he was awake.

When he is awake it’s painful to look into his eyes. Those dazzling blue eyes that seem to watch my every move with a mixture of fear and hope. I find it hard to meet that gaze. I know he thinks I look away because I don’t care… but I just can’t stand to see those emotions in his eyes. They terrify me. I am so afraid that he will figure out how unworthy I am and that I am not worth his time and emotions. I am afraid that someday I will look at him and see disappointment or disgust. Or even worse, I will see just a casual regard because I will have ceased to be important.

I’m afraid to touch him too much. Even as my hand lightly grazes over his body, I don’t allow myself to actually hold on to any part of him. I’m afraid that once I grab hold of him, I’ll never let him go. I want to hold onto him so tightly that I’m afraid I’ll hurt him. I can picture myself being content to hold him throughout the night and for the rest of my life. I want that more than anything else.

I don’t know what I would do if he ever turned his focus on someone else. I’m afraid of what I would do. How do I get rid of his fears and my own? They choke us and make it so that neither one of us can act on our feelings. I pray that his feelings are the same as mine, that his feelings are not just those of a friend who cannot give up on someone who was important during their childhood.

It’s the hope I see in his eyes that keeps me from losing control. Hope that I know mirrors my own feelings though I don’t think he can see them in me.

I want him to hold on like he will never let me go.

Rivals: part 4

Rivals Part 4  Sasuke’s POV

Hn… sometimes I wonder

When I take time to reflect

Just what it is I like

About my personal reject


He helps me hone my skills

As competition he’s the best  

He understands that training

Has to come before we rest


When fighting with Haku

I blocked him from attack

I didn’t stop to think

There was no looking back


I’m not sure why I acted

As if I really cared

He better not think of it

Those feelings just aren’t there


As my skills get better

I’ll leave him far behind

A small and distant memory

In a small part of my mind


But in the here and now

I’ll take what I can get

I have to keep my focus

My goals I haven’t met


But still sometimes I wonder

What is this thing we share?

I’d hate to call it friendship

Not even on a dare


I don’t trust those bonds

That are so easily broken

Words just can’t be trusted

No matter who has spoken


Family bonds should prove

To be stronger than any other

But Itachi broke them all

My one and only brother


I’m not sure why this dobe

Insists that he’s my friend

Should I try to trust him?

Is this genuine?

Rivals: part 3

Rivals Part 3 Naruto’s POV

I really just don’t get it

Is he friend or foe?

The more I think about it

The less I think I know


He always calls me ‘dobe’

And acts like I’m a bother

But other than Team Seven

I see him with no other


Does he hate my guts?

And wish that I’d get lost?

But what about Haku?

He saved me at a cost


I’m not sure of the details

But I remember clear as day

The attack was meant for me

But he stepped right in the way!


His body lay so still

It really made no sense

Why he’d even care

To come to my defense


I never will forget

The way I felt so mad

Thinking Sasuke dead

I fought with all I had


I felt a killing rage

How dare someone inflict

Harm upon the Teme

I’d kill that son of a bitch


But when it all was over

And Sasuke wasn’t dead

It wasn’t really clear

How our actions were led


Is this really friendship?

I’m not sure if I know

I haven’t had too many

I guess it could be so


But no one else before

Had done so much for me

I kinda’ think that’s special

I think I can believe.

Rivals: part 2

Rivals Part 2 Sasuke’s Point of View

He’s just so loud and bright

I see him a mile away

That stupid orange he wears

Each and every day


And that voice that reaches in

Just stabs right through my ear

I don’t even need to see him

For that voice to sound so near


And for me to be the brightest

Star ninja in the class

To be paired with such a dobe

Who always acts so crass


He really has no manners

And doesn’t have a clue

Just  watching him eat ramen

 Is enough to make me spew


He tries too hard to beat me

Why can’t he just give up?

Even if he wins

No one else will give a fuck


But I still care who wins next

I can’t be second best

Itachi is out there waiting

I can’t stop at all to rest


So I have to practice more

Power is what I need

I must keep getting stronger

I must increase my speed


But he never seems to tire

Nothing keeps him down

 I don’t know how he does it

Does he even know how to frown?


He’s messing with my focus

He wants to be my friend

I don’t know what that means

But for now those thoughts must end.

Rivals: part 1

Rivals Part 1 Naruto’s POV

Sometimes I feel alone

And I’m not sure what to do

I look across the training grounds

And focus in on you


Your silly duck butt hair

Shines blue black in the light

The girls think it’s so sexy

I want to pick a fight


Your stupid smirking face

Makes me want to punch it

Your fangirls screaming “Sasuke!”

Make me want to vomit


I don’t know how you do it

Remain so freakin’ perfect

Next to you I don’t compare

You act like I’m a reject


I want to kick your ass

And show you just who’s best

But even if I win a fight

You see me as a pest


You think that you’re so smart

And that you’ll always win

And that I’ll be the Dobe

That I’ve always been


Well let me tell you something

I bet you didn’t know

I have more drive than even you

And nothing keeps me low


Someday you will be beat

And I’ll be standing there

And you won’t be able to pretend

As if you didn’t care


You’ll have to see me as a man

Who’s just as skilled as you

And maybe then we finally can

Restart this friendship new

I like to watch him sleep

I like to watch him sleep. He was gone for so long and I missed him so much. It’s like I can’t believe he is really here. Like any minute he might disappear and everything that’s happened in the last few months was just a dream.

My eyes trace the curves and planes of his face. I’m afraid to touch him. Afraid that he will wake up and wonder why I am staring at him. He has lived for years having to keep one eye open. The lightest touch will bring him instantly awake.

At least now he no longer awakes ready to fight. Now he just freezes…like he has to check where he is to make sure he is safe and does not need to defend himself.

I live for the day when he will awake with a smile. When he will wake knowing that I am beside him and that he is safe and loved.

If I could I would erase all the pain others have put him through. I would erase all the pain he has put himself through.

The moonlight shines softly…making his pale skin practically glow. His raven hair spills across the pillow making me yearn to touch it. I reach out and gently stroke the silky threads. They cling to my fingers. I want him to cling to me that way. Like he will never leave me again.

I slowly edge closer till I can feel the warmth of his body reaching out to me. I get as close as I can without touching him. I don’t want to disturb him…but I can’t help wanting to be as close as possible. I want to feel him, I want to hold him, I want him to be my everything. I constantly want to touch him… just to prove to myself that he is still here.

I don’t think I would make it if he left me again. I avoid thinking about it. I avoid thinking about that which terrifies me. Because I know… I just know…if he left me again I would just crumble. I would crumble into nothing.